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Commercial Inspections

We also perform inspections on commercial,  investment and leased properties. Some of these properties include office buildings, medical facilities, retail space, strip malls, and warehouse facilities.

We use a team approach with 2-4 inspectors. This allows us to inspect commercial properties with minimum impact on tenants and owners.

Our commercial inspections are custom designed to meet your requirements. They can be comprehensive or for a single system (electric, roofing etc.) as needed. If you are unsure of your needs we can perform a preliminary walk-thru to help guide you. Commercial inspections can take from 2 hours to 2 days of site work, depending on the type of property and the client's specific requirements. Contact our office for more information regarding commercial inspections.

But I am only leasing property.  Do I still need your service?

Yes...... Is your lease a net lease, double net, or triple net lease? You may not know the difference but your landlord does. Call our office to find out how this effects you.