Al Perrette - NJ Licensed Home Inspector
#24 GI 00016100 - (908) 359-4930

Why Hire Me?

I am a full time inspector in the business since 1990. I became certified by The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) in 1992. I am licensed by the state of NJ and a member of NJ ALPHI (NJ Association of Licensed Professional Home Inspectors). I am a credentialed NJMPA inspector for wood destroying insects. I have conducted home inspection seminars for Realtors, Home Buyers & Settlers, and trade organizations. I have a thorough understanding of the real estate business, and the timely and sensitive nature of the inspection and report writing process needed to protect my clients.

Unlike most inspectors, I actually love questions.  After all,  if you knew all the answers you wouldn't need my service. Answering questions, and communicating with my clients is what I do best. If you are an inexperienced buyer, or if you have specific questions, let me know before the inspection. I promise to take whatever time you need to feel comfortable about the house, and any findings that may arise.


Can you tell which support beam contains a serious structural defect?


A new roof and an old roof.  The new roof is leaking but the old one is fine. Why?

EXPERIENCE - You will not find the answers to these questions in any book or on the Internet. These answers can only be found through proper training, careful observation and past experience. Minor details can often reveal major defects. I have done work for Engineers, contractors, architects, builders, attorneys, building code officials, and real estate investors. These are educated people in related fields who realize that they may not have enough experience to quickly and objectively evaluate the properties that they are buying. In the past 15 years I have personally conducted close to 7500 inspections, on all types of properties, some dating back to the 1700's. You see your dream house, but I see the details.

MY REPORT -  My written report is the most important part of the inspection, and this is where many inspectors fall flat. Your report is prepared off-site, and takes as much time as the site work. It is a typed up, narrative report, that is custom written for the house you are buying. The time that we spend off-site, (writing reports), is generally equal to the time that we spend inspecting the house. A clear, well written report helps you understand the house, the condition, the defects, and the options you have before and after the purchase. A poor report may give you no valuable information, or may bombard you with so much useless (boilerplate) information, that you are more confused than you were before the inspection began.

SOLUTIONS -  A good inspector can spot a problem, but the best inspectors can propose solutions. I have seen many problems, but have also spent many hours proposing solutions to buyers, sellers, and attorneys. If you have a willing buyer and a willing seller, most problems can be worked out. It takes a little more time and a little more effort, but I am always willing to spend that time for my clients.

YOU ARE THE CLIENT -  This is important. There are many parties to a real estate transaction, but we work for you. You are the client. We will never release information to other parties unless you authorize us to do so. Our discussions and your report will be held in strict confidence.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -  I promise that you will be satisfied with the inspection. If not, I will give you your money back. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and we are always looking for ways to improve our service. Ask about our money back guarantee.