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About Your Report

You will get an inspection summary on site,  the day of the inspection.  When we leave the property you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Your full written report is generally available the following day.

Your written report is the most important part of the inspection, and where many inspectors fall flat. Your report is prepared off-site, and takes as much time as the site work. It is a typed up, narrative report, WITH PHOTOS, that is custom written  for the house you are buying.   The time that we spend off-site,  (writing  reports),  is generally equal to the time that  we spend inspecting the house.   A clear, well written report helps you understand the house, the condition, any defects, and the options you have before and after the purchase. A poor report may give you little valuable information,  or may bombard you with so much useless (boilerplate) information, that you are more confused than you were before the inspection began.

WE DO NOT PREPARE REPORTS ON SITE. A well written report takes time. Our reports are generally available in 24 hours, and will be EMAILED to your location.


Call if you would like to see a sample report